For motorcycle helmets

The SEEMORE AR HUD is a Head-Up Display solution for motorcycle helmets. Using the innovative module, motorcyclists have access to all the information they need while riding, with absolutely no distractions, allowing them to maintain maximum concentration and constant focus on the road.

From the user perspective

Our solution significantly increases driving comfort and maximizes safety – not only for the motorcyclist himself, but for other motorists on the road as well.

  1. Information is instantly displayed before the user’s eyes.
  2. Concentration is enhanced.
  3. Sense of direction is improved.
  4. Response time is shortened.
  5. Field of vision is in no way limited.

Augmented reality allows the user to enjoy the ride, providing motorcyclists with absolute peace of mind and full control over what is happening around them. The SEEMORE AR HUD streamlines the process of receiving and processing visual and audio stimuli, which translates into more confident driving.


A prototype of the SEEMORE AR HUD module was presented for the first time in 2015 at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, where it enjoyed a great deal of interest – from both users and producers. Since then, we have carried out a number of improvements and updates. What’s more, we’ve started to develop a new version of AR technology that has received very good results in testing. We are currently making improvements to create a driving experience that’s even safer and more comfortable, so that augmented reality could be used in consecutive features.


We want to develop the AR module in motorcycle helmets so that it will be fully interactive with the environment. In the last two years, we have made great advancements in our technology. Presently, we are focused on modernizing the product. We are constantly working on ways to make it better, more durable and cheaper. Only then will it be possible for us to introduce universal production and widespread use, leaving the competition far behind.

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From the manufacturer’s perspective

The SEEMORE AR HUD module has undergone rigorous testing, which has allowed us to refine even the tiniest details – verified by motorcyclists who differ in age, experience, needs and driving styles. This is how we were able to create the most optimal and technologically advanced solution.

  1. During production, the SEEMORE AR HUD can be integrated with helmets from various manufacturers.
  2. It is conveniently compact and utilizes pioneering technology in the field of augmented reality.
  3. Each user can configure the module through the mobile application on their phone, adapting it to their personal needs and individual preferences.
  4. By choosing to integrate the helmet with the module, the manufacturer gains a technologically advanced solution – including the support of the entire R&D department at SEEMORE.
  5. And most importantly, the SEEMORE AR HUD provides huge added value for customers that are striving to achieve maximal safety and comfort while driving.
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