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We create custom-made solutions – tailored to specific requirements and needs. Each product is highly sophisticated, leveraging the most advanced technology in the field of augmented reality.
Diving helmets
This is a diving helmet with included software – designed for minesweeper divers descending up to 100 meters below the water surface. It facilitates underwater navigation and streamlines the coordination of operations in the working group.

● Improved orientation
Right before the diver’s eyes, there is a set of real-time information about the current location, direction, depth, and the elements floating around the diver.
● Enhanced navigation
Having access to a detailed map, the sapper knows where the potential live bomb is and where to move.
● Increased safety
The connection between the helmet and the computer on the boat enables the diver to control and coordinate the activities of an entire group of divers along with the experts above the water.

This is a truly innovative product that can be easily adapted to the customer’s expectations. Augmented reality makes it possible to see more, even in harsh conditions with limited visibility.

If you have a different idea that you want to bring to life – please let us know about it. The potential uses of augmented reality range far and wide.